Final Largo from Concerto Grosso Op 6, "Christmas Concerto"

Music by Arcangelo Corelli (PD). Arranged by Bob Ebdon

Bob Ebdon, autoharp. Nottingham, UK

Bob EbdonThis features a D'Aigle Desert Rose in G, and is multi-tracked using home recording equipment. At times there are three harp tracks going on. I have loved this music for many years, though was never able to play anything like it until I found the autoharp.

I have been playing the autoharp for about four years now, and, after discovering the UK Autoharp Association of which I am now the Advance Organiser, I have come on enormously. I perform regularly at Folk Clubs around Nottingham UK, and still get many cries of "What do you call that thing?" I do my best to spread the autoharp word. You can hear more of my recordings at or at my art website.

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