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For questions or comments about this project, contact Cindy Harris

The Cyberpluckers is a virtual organization that exists only on the internet. We don't have an address, a phone number, or even an official face, just the discussion group. No one was paid for their work on this project other than the company that produced the actual CD's and the composers of the songs that are still under copyright. In fact many of the participants not only donated their own time and energy, they paid to have their contribution professionally recorded or waived the license fees they were due for their original compositions. And everyone involved cheerfully committed to purchase copies of the completed project when it was still only an idea. That's how we raised the money to do it, and we anticipate that there wil be enough left over when we're finished paying the expenses that we'll be able to make a donation to the long-time host of our group, Lindsay Haisley of FMP Computer Services, a prince of a guy and a member of the Autoharp Hall of Fame himself. If the CD continues to sell well, we expect to donate any additional proceeds to the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering and the Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering, two festivals that are labors of love in much the same way as this project is.

The fact that a virtual organization like this can come together to produce such an amazing "real world" project testifies not only to the potential of the internet to get things done, but to the ability of the internet to draw together like-minded individuals from all over the world who might otherwise never have met.

You can learn more about the Cyberpluckers at our main web site. You can also join the ongoing discussion, find an autoharp teacher near you, or discover other autoharp-related web sites. And if you want to meet a whole lot of us in real life, consider attending the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in Newport, PA the weekend (and a few days) before the Independence Day holiday weekend every year. Or if you're on the west coast, try the Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering the third weekend in July.

If you need more information about this recording, please drop us a note. Yes, we will consider discounts on quanties of 10 or more CD's if you are a distributor.