Last update: 2/5/18


Carol Stober Talladega, AL
Phone: 256-362-6471 E-mail:
Rate: $12 per 1/2 hour
Teaching Credits: Carol has taught in public and private schools since 1972 and at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago from 80-83. Since then she has maintained private students, and is an Alabama Arts Council Residency Artist in Education.
Bands or groups: Carol was a member in Dixieland Deluxe Bluegrass Band, a local group. She has traveled the Southeast and Midwest in Maiden Heaven Band, and has done solo performances and workshops at Festivals such as Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, The Dulcimer & Harp Fest in Cosby, TN, Old Time Country Music Fest in Avoca, IA, Ozark Folk Center, Mtn. View, AR, Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO, Annual Autoharp Cruise, Caribbean Islands, & others.
Notes: She has made 2 autoharp instruction videos/CDs, & written 5 autoharp books published and distributed by Mel Bay, and an autoharp instruction tape-book/CD set distributed by Workshop Records. She also has 2 CD albums available for listening entertainment titled Country Sampler (adult) & Down Home Family Band (children's music) plus a cassette entitled Patchwork with autoharp & bowed psaltry duets.


June Fessenden Phoenix, AZ
Phone: 602.740.8113 E-mail:
Rate: $25/ hour my home or $35/hour your home
Teaching Credits: Four years of teaching private lessons, all ages.
Bands or groups: Bob & June, Barbara & June and solo performances at different venues.


Karen Daniels Mtn. View, AR
Phone: (870) 269-2391 E-mail:
Rate: $20 per hour
Teaching Credits: 6 yrs. of teaching private autoharp lessons. Have taught workshops at: Heartland Dulcimer Camp (Esther Kreek's camp in Mo.), Summerfest Dulcimer Festival (MO), Prairie Dulcimer Club (KS), Mt. Laurel Autoharp Gathering (PA), Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield, KS), Otterharp Heaven workshops at Winfield, KS, the Wichita Dulcimer Club pre-Winfield workshops (KS), the Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering (NY), and the Autoharp Jamboree at the Ozark Folk Center (Mtn. View, AR). Initiated and taught Slow Jam Sessions for autoharp, mtn. and hammered dulcimers for 3 years. Autoharp instructor in the Mtn. View (AR) Public Schools (Grades 4 - 12). 1997 Texas State Autoharp Champion and 1997 Winfield International Autoharp Champion.
Bands or groups: Music staff at the Ozark Folk Center, Mtn. View, AR.


Tina Louise Barr Modesto , CA
Phone: (209) 480-4477 E-mail:
Rate: Group Workshops / House Concerts.  Call for group rates.
Teaching Credits: Specializing in group instruction on the autoharp; featured at Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering, Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering, California Autoharp Gathering, San Francisco Folk Music Festival, CTMS Summer Solstice Folk Festival, California Bluegrass Festival, Northern California GOF Festival, Kings River Bluegrass Festival, Wolf Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, Calaveras Celtic Faire, WVA Winfield Bluegrass Festival.  Featured on Interactive Lesson in Autoharp Quarterly.
Bands or groups: Solo autoharp performances.  Also perform in band TINA LOUISE BARR and HOT WIRE.  Acoustic music of all styles; lively and in high gear!  Band performs throughout northern California.
Notes: Second Place Winner of International Autoharp Championship four times. Placed second in World Autoharp Championship.  "Best Americana" winner of the Modesto Area Music Association(MAMA) Award.  Served as reviewer on the Autoharp Quarterly Critics' Panel.  Founder of the "Harps in High Gear!" concert series.  Featured guest artist on recordings by the Black Irish Band, as well as Michael Martin Murphey.

Evo Bluestein Clovis , CA
Phone: 559-297-8966 E-mail:
Web site:
Rate: Call for info
Teaching Credits: Evo has taught at at: Ozark Folk Center, Augusta Heritage Arts, Lark In The Morning, Swannanoa Gathering, Cal State Univ. Fresno, Cal State Univ. Sacramento, Cal State Univ. Hayward, Cal State Univ. Bakersfield and has two well-known instructional videos for autoharp.
Bands or groups: Evo Bluestein
Notes: Private lessons are regularly taught in Central Calif.

Ray Choi Garden Grove, CA
Phone: 714-638-3203 E-mail:
Rate: From $20-25 per hr.
Teaching Credits: I teach basics and advanced techniques. Private lessons are regularly taught in Orange County and Los Angeles area since 1990. Invited as a solo performer for numerous groups and churches
Bands or groups: Church song leader and more
Notes: Complete autoharp repair and maintenance -- I own a music store.

Melva Gass Stockton , CA
Phone: 209-475-0850 E-mail: :
Rate: No charge for lessons. Love offering accepted, small fee for music only
Teaching Credits: Have knowledge of the autoharp in all areas. Have taught children to seniors. Starting a 2nd class for intermediates in Manteca Ca. Feb. 7th, 2000. Play by music or ear, perform in public for weddings, church's, funerals,convalescent homes, blue grass festivals and restraints. Autoharp is my passion. Have been playing for 35 years, Lead picker 7 yrs. Have knowledge of repairing and converting autoharps from chromatic to semi-diatonic or diatonic or any type of repair needed.
Bands or groups: Leader of Horse & Buggy Harpers for 4 1/2 years. Played with Horse and Buggy music for 2 yrs.

Bob Palmer Moreno Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, Redlands, CA
Phone: (951) 656-5063 E-mail:
Rate: $15/hr
Teaching Credits: I've taught since 1998 in the Inland Empire at schools (mostly teachers), a few festivals, and individuals with 'harps.
Bands or groups: No bands, but I do unpaid gigs at Christmas time and "open mikes" whenever I can.
Notes: Have autoharp, will travel. I usually go to where my students are, not my home. I specialize in melody picking and do some repairs, too.


Lucille Reilly Denver, CO
Phone: E-mail: Contact at Web site
Rate: E-mail for info
Teaching Credits: Workshop presenter at Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering. Instructor of Beginning Autoharp, Colorado Free University, Denver. On-the-road workshop presenter/performer. Several instructional articles published in "Autoharp Quarterly," including appearing as an AQ Interaction Instructor. Coming: instructional monographs for diatonic autoharp. Bachelor of Music (Music Ed.), Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ (which simply means I can explain a whole lot about chord structures, music theory, and musicality to those who want to know!) Teaches autoharpists of all levels. >>Diatonic autoharp is my passion and specialty!
Groups: Solo performer everywhere. (The autoharp is my band!!)
Other: B&B(+L&D, two lessons per day and FUN) available for "long-distance" students. (Brochure available; e-mail your snail address.) International Autoharp Champion and Mtn. Laurel Autoharp Champion. My autoharp repertoire includes several pieces scored for "ultratonic" autoharp, developed by the late Marty Schuman. Also teach h. dulcimer (published two instruction books), all levels, and beginning mtn. dulcimer.

Mitch Pingel Broomfield, CO
Phone: 303-469-9417 E-mail:
Rate: $10 per hour
Bands or groups: Roaring Jelly, Timbre Line Music Ensemble


Heidi Cerrigione Ellington, CT
Phone: 860-872-3264 E-mail:
Rate: Flexible - call for details
Teaching Credits: Individual and groups since 1991 plus teaching at festivals such as Cranberry and Mountain Laurel
Bands or groups: Cabin Fever (with her husband John); Heart's Ease (contra dance band); and Doofus (with Neal & Coleen Walters). Visit the Doofus Web site, too!

Dave Manchester Niantic, CT
Phone: 860.857.2818 E-mail:
Rate: $30 per lesson
Bands or groups: The Locals

Roger Sprung Newtown, CT
Phone: 203-426-5243 E-mail:
Rate: Please call
Teaching Credits: I have been teaching for 60+ years. I teach in NYC, and in Newtown, Connecticut. I teach primarily by ear.
Bands or groups: Roger Sprung, Hal Wylie and The Progressive Bluegrassers

Other notes: I also teach 5-string banjo, guitar, bass fiddle. I am a World Champion banjo picker.
You can see my website at
Give me a call and let's get started!


Charley Groth Largo , FL
Phone: (727) 585-5678 E-mail:
Rate: $30 per full hour lesson
Teaching Credits: College and professional background in music. Forty years of teaching music professionally. Many successful students including several state and regional championship winners. A fully developed, systematic method for teaching the playing of autoharp backup and leads by ear, from tablature, and from standard musical notation.
Bands or groups: The Jazz Channel; Old Friends; Sound Waves.
Other: Will provide some aspects of instruction via e-mail and/or snail mail with tapes.


Judy Austin Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-321-5460 E-mail:
Rate: $30.00 first session, how ever long it takes. $25.00 each additional lesson
Teaching Credits: Folk Music Summer Camp, l998, 10 years experience playing autoharp. Very kid friendly
Bands or groups: Harp and Soul 5 years and presently a solo artist with 2 albums released.

Pat Bryant Cumming, GA (north of Atlanta)
Phone: 678-947-1947 E-mail:
Rate: $15.00 1/2 Hr
Teaching Credits: Associate Director at the Morris Performing Arts Center, Cumming GA. Teach Autoharp, Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltry, Lap Dulcimer and Piano at the Morris Performing Arts Center. Notes: Have received several awards for my musical ability, have appeared on television and performed on radio, and am in the Library of Congress as a Living Legacy.
Bands or groups: Regularly perform with the Down Home Country Band. Have also played at Six Flags, Underground Atlanta, Atlanta Arts Museum, Westville, Ga, Andersonville, GA, Yellow Dazie Festival, Dogwood Festival, Praters Mill Country Fair, and many others.

Jennifer Cordier Young Harris, GA (north GA)
Phone: 706-745-9317 E-mail:
Rate: $20.00 hour
Teaching Credits:Autoharp workshop in the Oasis program, Blairsville, GA, John C. Campbell Folk School. Teach chromatic and diatonic Autoharp and playing with groups.
Bands or groups: Perform with Butternut Creek and Friends.
Other: Will give lessons at my home in Young Harris (north Georgia).

Anne Martin Norcross, GA (metro Atlanta)
Phone: (770) 242-0033 E-mail:
Rate: $20 hour
Bands or groups: Performed with Stanley and Quillettes
Other: Specialize in playing by ear. Teach chromatic and diatonic Autoharp, mountain dulcimer, guitar, and keyboard. Also teach Braille music. Will give lessons at my home in Norcross, GA or at monthly GA Autoharper meetings.

Laurie Searle Palmetto, GA (south of Atlanta)
Phone: (770) 463-2133, E-mail:
Rate: $20 per hour
Teaching Credits: Beginner Autoharp workshop at NGFDA Fall Festival. Have also taught clarinet and recorder in the Atlanta area.
Bands: Played with Close Enuf for Bluegrass in their early days.
Notes: Specialize in teaching the basics to beginners and the occasional player. Lessons are available at my home in extreme south Fulton county or at monthly GA Autoharpers meeting closer to Atlanta.

Laurie Simpson Marietta, GA (metro Atlanta)
Phone: (770)952-4717 E-mail:
Rate: $20 per hour
Teaching Credits: Have taught one autoharp student during 2001.
Bands: Currently a member of Strings Attached, composed of two members: John & Laurie Simpson
Notes: Specialize in autoharp lessons concerning tuning tips, strumming patterns, basic melody picking and playing by ear. Can teach beginner lessons in autoharp, clarinet and voice. Will give lessons at my home in East Cobb County or at monthly GA Autoharper meetings.


Skip and Fran Landt Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-604-4115 E-mail:
Rate: Check with the Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, where Skip teaches. (, 773-728-6000).
Teaching Credits: Skip has been a teacher (harmonica) at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music for 20 years and an autoharp teacher there for the past year. Skip has played autoharp since his teen years and has had workshops with Evo Blustein and others; Fran has taught basic AH workshops for teachers for 15 years. Both of us took classes with Paul Bowles in the 80s.
Groups: Sasparilla and the Louisville Burglars, since 1986; sorry, no CD. Skip plays harmonica with Patent Medicine (see Our AH playing is
straightforward and traditional; we collect songs (especially old-time and gospel) and love to sing.

Doug Stuart Winnetka, IL
Phone: 847-784-1197 E-mail:
Rate: $20/half hour; $35/hour
Teaching Credits: Teaching autoharp for 3 years, have played since '93. Also teach 5-string banjo, bluegrass and clawhammer. Can teach chord progressions, reading from tab or musical notation, but prefer to teach playing by ear. Pinch/pluck & thumb lead melody playing, chromatic and diatonic.
Groups: The Whistling Pig, and formerly the Wild Turkey Bluegrass Band and (much earlier) the Random Samplers folk group.
Notes: Check for tunes from a CD - several cuts with autoharp & banjo


Les Gustafson-Zook Goshen, IN
Phone: 219-534-1173 E-mail:
Rate: $20 per hour Web site:
Teaching Credits: 2001 International Autoharp Champion & 1989 National Autoharp Champion. Teaches regularly at John C. Campbell Folk School (NC), Augusta Heritage Center (WV), Ozark Folk Center (AR), Kentucky Music Week (KY), Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering (OR). Has also taught and performed at California Autoharp Gathering, Cranberry, Evart, Dulci-More, Summer Solstice, Unicoi and a variety of other festivals across the country. Les is known for his clean picking and energetic and encouraging presence which inspires students to try new techniques and bring their playing level to new heights.
Notes: Les is a self-employed musician performing in elementary schools in the midwest singing "Songs of the Pioneers" with a carload of instruments. He has six recordings available: Home (cont. & trad. folk), Finger Pickin Pals (fiddle tunes), Gather at the River (hymns), Cascade Noel (xmas), Long Time Traveling (cont. & trad. folk) & Skip to My Lou (children's).


Barbara Barr-Madorin Wichita, KS 67218
Phone: 316-687-2220 E-mail:
Rate: $15 per hr / beginners only
Teaching Credits: None *attended lots of workshops and feel I could be of help to someone getting started
Bands or groups: Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance
Notes: A few years ago I begged someone to help me get started. That is what I'm offering. Just getting someone started. I'm still learning.

Karen Daniels Overland Park, KS (Kansas City area)
Phone: 913-642-6442 E-mail:
Rate: $20 per hour
Teaching Credits: 6 yrs. of teaching private autoharp lessons. Have taught workshops at: Heartland Dulcimer Camp (Esther Kreek's camp in Mo.), Summerfest Dulcimer Festival (MO), Prairie Dulcimer Club (KS), Mt. Laurel Autoharp Gathering (PA), Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield, KS), Otterharp Heaven workshops at Winfield, KS, the Wichita Dulcimer Club pre-Winfield workshops (KS), the Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering (NY), and the Autoharp Jamboree at the Ozark Folk Center (Mtn. View, AR). Initiated and taught Slow Jam Sessions for autoharp, mtn. and hammered dulcimers for 3 years. Autoharp instructor in the Mtn. View (AR) Public Schools (Grades 4 - 12). 1997 Texas State Autoharp Champion and 1997 Winfield International Autoharp Champion.
Bands or groups: Music staff at the Ozark Folk Center, Mtn. View, AR.

Jennifer Sullivan Wichita, KS
Phone: 316-737-1776 E-mail:
Rate: $12 per 30 minute lesson
Teaching Credits: Bachelors Degree of Music Education, Music Special Education
Bands or groups: Flatland String Band, Wichita,KS Red Hot Hillbilly Mammas, Wichita, KS
Notes: 30+ years experience teaching private music lessons & Classroom Music, both Vocal & Instrumental. Active in local Acoustic & Traditional Music activities; current President & past Vice President of Great Plains Dulcimer Alliance.


Mary Madeline Elford Shreveport, LA
Phone: 318 865-4476 E-mail:
Rate: $20 per hour
Teaching Credits: I have taught several semesters in the continuing education department of a local college. I have also taught several individuals. Tuning and minor repairs are also available.
Groups: My husband and I entertain regularly at retirement homes and for luncheons, fundraisers, tour of homes, etc. We also entertain with friends in a group we call Melodies.


Skip Belz Onset, MA (Eastern Mass)
Phone: 781.975.1786 E-mail:
Rate: $30.00 1/2 hour or $50.00 an hour includes free 1st lesson. Skip will perform workshops focusing on the needs of the group and is also available for concerts. Please contact for rates.
Teaching Credits:Skip has played the harp for 38 years and has developed a distinctive picking style. Teaching a unique style of melody playing suitable for all types of music including blues, classical, folk, old timey, bluegrass and contemporary. Levels, Beginner through Masters. He has played with the Golden Eagle String Band and Jubilee Road.
Bands or groups: I am a member of Golden Eagle String Band, the official Canal Music Band of the Smithsonian Institute. This band also does dance and bluegrass music. I also play with Jubilee Road, a folk, sea music band.
Notes: Singer Songwriter. Sound Consultant: Skip has over ten years experience with both large and small venues and sound reinforcement for houses of worship. Skip consults on the purchasing and use of equipment from single live performers to large stationary systems for Churches and halls.


Wanda Degen Lansing, MI, 48912
Phone: 517-482-1377 E-mail:
Rate: $15 per half of an hour
Teaching Credits: Teacher at Elderly Instruments since 1978. Frequent workshop instructor at festivals including Wheatland in Remus, MI
Groups: The Troublesome Lasses, Lady of the Lake,  duo performances with Kitty Donohoe, Pete Wittig or Dan Giacobassi, solo sets also.
Notes: I love to teach private lessons and group classes. I have lots of music written up: Celtic, traditional and contemporary Folk, Great Lakes, Christmas and Songs for Children.


June Kucks Vicksburg, MI
Phone: 269-649-4529 E-mail:
Rate: $15 1/2 hr $20 hr
Teaching Credits: I have conducted Autoharp workshops in Kalamazoo, MI for the K'zoo Folklife Organization, Shipshewana IN Gathering Music Festivals, Folklife Festivals in Vicksburg,MI and private tutoring for over 10 years. Workshops are available in Kalamazoo/Portage, MI area and Shipshewana, IN.
Groups: Scottsburg Hometowners Bluegrass Band, Glory Road Travelers Gospel Band
Notes: My personal music preferences include traditional folk, Celtic, fiddle tunes. Lessons emphasize basic chord structure and key transposition theory, rhythmic strums, and finger picking techniques, to assist the student to confidently perform as a soloist, accompany a vocalist, play in a group, or participate in jam situations.

Chuck Schacht Romeo, MI
Phone: 810-336-9304 E-mail: schachtc@LCM.Macomb.Lib.MI.US
Rate: Sliding scale depending on ability to pay
Teaching Credits: Past experience giving lessons.
Notes: Not being an autoharp genius myself I can't teach anybody else to be one, but I can help you have a fine time going from sort of good or beginning to quite a bit better, especially for people who want to learn to play primarily as accompaniment to their own and others singing.

Gail Schwandt Chesaning , MI
Phone: (517) 845-6420 or 845-3669 E-mail:
Rate: $8.00 per ?
Teaching Credits: Have taught music since 1982. Have taught autoharp at Michigan festivals. Don't have any recordings but enjoy the heck out of the 'harp.
Groups: Rusty String Band and Michigan Friends of Traditional Music
Notes: Have both chromatic and diatonic instruments.


Neil Woodward Howell, MI
Phone: 517-223-7832 E-mail:
Rate: $19 per half hour
Teaching Credits: Officially "Michigan's Troubadour". Thirty years experience private and group lessons, festival workshops, school programs and teacher training, contest judge. Instructor in residence at Elderly Instruments, Lansing, MI.
Groups: Solo, as Michigan's Official State Troubadour. Matter & Ghost, The Union Lake All Stars and various contra and square dance bands.
Notes: Information and samples from CD recordings . In 2003 the State of Michigan Legislature designated Neil "Michigan's Troubadour". Read the resolution



Karen Mueller Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 651-649-4493 E-mail:
Rate: Varies
Teaching Credits: I love to teach! First started teaching in 1977 on guitar, and currently work with around 50 private students on Autoharp, guitar, mtn. dulcimer and mandolin. Full time musician, having worked at many venues that stress workshops as well as performance, like the week-long Augusta Heritage Center classes, Ozark Folk Center, Mtn Laurel, etc. I enjoy all ages and levels, and a wide variety of styles. International Autoharp Champion 1986.
Groups: Primarily work as a solo artist, but also with the Karen Mueller Trio (with bass and fiddle), and Strawberry Jam--Bluegrass Music for Kids (schools, family concerts).
Notes: Recordings and books: "Clarity" CD, "The Autoharp Gourmet" book and tape, and Mel Bay's Celtic Autoharp book and CD (still to be released).


Alex Usher St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-961-8631 E-mail:
Rate: $15 per half hour
Teaching Credits: Workshops given nationally at many of the major autoharp festivals including Ozark Folk Center, Gateway Dulcimer Festival, Gebhard Woods, Mountain Laurel, Cranberry Dulcimer Festival. Staff teacher at the Music Folk.
Groups: I perform primarily as a solo act.
Notes: National Autoharp Champion in 1993. International Autoharp Competition - 3rd place in '93 and '96. Solo recordings: "Harps of Gold" (Xmas) and "Harper's Ferry". Author of four Mel Bay books: Basic Melodic Autoharp Solos, Scottish Airs and Ballads arranged for the autoharp (with CD), Children's Song Favorites, and Side Splitters, a collection of more than 125 funny songs and other stuff.


Bill Bryant Marion, Montana
Phone: (408) 854 - 2088 E-mail:
Teaching Credits: I have taught autoharp workshops at: Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering, Newport, PA., Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering, Albany, OR., Father's Day Bluegrass Festival, Grass Valley, CA., Old - Time Fiddle Championships, Weiser, ID., various autoharp clubs and numerous one-on-ones. I  have a 54-minute video workshop that teaches absolute beginners, to teaching every trick I've learned over the past thirty- eight years I've been playing the autoharp. I won the International Championships at Winfield, Kansas in 1990.
Bands or groups:My styles of playing can be heard on "Winfield Winners", Vols 3&4, "Grizzly Flat Harper", Vols 1&2, "Jesus is Coming Back Down", "Autoharp Legacy" and on a 54 - minute "Autoharp Workshop" video.

New Jersey

Bonnie Leigh Brick Township, NJ
Phone: 732-920-1506 E-mail:
Teaching Credits: Teaches private and group lessons for children and adults. Classes at night schools and festivals
Bands or groups: Performing solo since 1991. See my web page at

Drew Smith Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Phone: (201) 444-2833 E-mail:
Rate: Complete "Play-by-Ear" Autoharp Workshop Course, consisting of two 1-hour long cassettes & 20 page workbook. Cost is $49.00 plus $5.25 P&H. See "Notes" below.
Teaching Credits: I have performed and done workshops at all the major Autoharp Festivals, and have won both the National and the International Autoharp Championship (2X), as well as the Mountain Laurel Championship (2X) and 1st Places at the Galax, VA Autoharp competitions. Many Autoharpers have learned to play by ear from my course, which is equal to about a dozen private lessons. No formal music reading experience is needed! In 2002, I was inducted into The Autoharp Hall of Fame.
Bands or groups: I have played with the Roger Sprung Bluegrass Band for over 27 years, and with the prize winning "Ben Borscht and the Beats" at the Appalachian String Band Festival at Clifftop, WV for more than 17 years. Have played at Lincoln Center, Philadelphia Folk Festival, Ozark Folk Center, Swannanoa Gathering, Augusta Heritage Center, California Summer Solstice, and at many other major venues.

Notes: My "Play-by-Ear" Workshop Course may be ordered directly from me by sending a check made out to DREW SMITH, to: The Great All-American Autoharp Emporium, 529 Ardmore Road, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423. Or, you may send me a SASE and I'll send you more complete info on this course, as well as my mini-catalog for many great, useful items for Autoharp players. I have LOW discount prices for new Oscar Schmidt Autoharps & cases, too!

I have published the 4 volume MASTER SERIES set of "WINFIELD WINNERS" which is a compilation tunes played by the winners of the International Autoharp Championships over the years. These volumes are wonderful sources for learning tunes as well as terrific autoharp music!

I also have two solo CDs: "Now, that's AUTOHARP!" and "The ART of the AUTOHARP!" ... and with my "Triple Play All-Stars" band members, our CD is called, "Having a Ball!"

Contact me by email, and I'll send you complete information on all the CDs.

New York

Richard Raczkowski Voorheesville, NY (near Albany)
Phone: 518-765-3281 E-mail:
Rate: $15/hour
Teaching Credits: Private instruction for 5 years; group autoharp instructor for Old Songs, Inc.; Led classes at Cranberry Gathering, Binghamton, NY, and NOMAD, Danbury, CT
Bands or groups: None currently. Formerly with Gifford Hollow Boys (bluegrass - now disbanded) and Mohawk Velley String Dusters (old time country - now disbanded)
Notes: Perform all routine autoharp maintenance - restringing, refelting, chord bar arrangement, etc.

Donna Russell Rochester , NY
Phone: E-mail:
Rate: $20/half hour
Teaching Credits: BS in music Background in music therapy. Pre-school music and performance 26 years teaching experience in guitar, autoharp banjo, fiddle, piano, voice, and other string instruments.
Bands or groups: Duo with husband and singing partner. Various pick-up bands
Notes: Teach all ages, from Kindergarten to age 85. Group lessons possible. Teach from home, but also available for community sites.

Roger Sprung New York City, NY
Phone: 203-426-5243 E-mail:
Rate: Please call
Teaching Credits: I have been teaching for 60+ years. I teach in NYC, and in Newtown, Connecticut. I teach primarily by ear.
Bands or groups: Roger Sprung, Hal Wylie and The Progressive Bluegrassers

Other notes: I also teach 5-string banjo, guitar, bass fiddle. I am a World Champion banjo picker.
You can see my website at
Give me a call and let's get started!


Patrick Warnshuis Port Jervis, NY
Phone: 845-856-5418 E-mail:
Rate: Free
Teaching Credits: Masters Degree in Education
Bands or groups: Solo performer
Notes: I'm a novice player but can get any beginner over the initial hurdle of tuning, setting up, strumming and plucking as well as introducing them to autoharp resources. I can get them over those first hours. I refurbish and convert old EBH boxes as a hobby so I can help if they are having problems with the instrument itself.


Philip White Sea Cliff, NY
Phone: E-mail:
Rate: $40 per hour, $25 half hour
Teaching Credits: Over forty years plying, teaching accompanying others on most folk instruments.
Bands or groups: LITMA Contra Dance Orchestra
Notes: I specialize in adults who are finally getting around to scratching THAT itch.


North Carolina

Jim Coates Isle of Palms, NC
Phone: 843-886-8116 E-mail:
Rate:$45/month for half hour private weekly lessons
Teaching Credits: I have been playing music for 31 years, and have been teaching for 12 years.

Teresa McNeill Asheboro, NC
Phone: 336-460-7636 E-mail:  
Rate: Flexible
Teaching Credits: Elementary school math tutor
Substitute teacher Randolph County Schools
Substitute teacher Asheboro City Schools
4 years teaching community college classes
Bands or groups:Perform solo at Fiddler's Conventions.
Sing alto/2nd soprano in the Balfour Baptist Church Choir, The Ash Rand Community Choir, and the Joyful Singers of First Baptists
Play piano for several churches when there is a need
Currently performing autoharp Christmas concerts at local hospital for Christmas fund raisers and Outpatient Units
Notes: Also play flute, piano, and guitar. Favorite genres include country, folk music of the 60-70s; 50s music, Big Band, Irish folk tunes, Christmas tunes on the autoharp, Love songs, Movie themes, Praise and worship, Christian

Carole Outwater Charlotte, NC
Phone: 704-365-2745 E-mail:  
Rate: Flexible
Teaching Credits: I've introduced the autoharp to lots and lots of teachers who pass through a music course I teach for early childhood educators and I've taught workshops at Fiddler's Grove, NC, Mt. Laurel Autoharp Gathering, Mt. View Autoharp Jamboree, Augusta Heritage Workshops and for the UK Autoharp Group. I'm available for private lessons and really enjoy helping beginning get started.
Bands or groups: I play autoharp and bass with Carolina Gator Gumbo, a Cajun and Creole band. Sometimes, I perform on autoharp with one or two other persons.
Notes: Visit the band website www.carolinagatorgumbo for a complete bio and recordings. Explore previous Autoharp Quarterly magazines for articles and Interaction lessons I've shared. Send an email if you want to connect with area autoharpers for jam sessions and events.

Michael Poole Chapel Hill, NC
Phone: 704-365-2745 E-mail:
Rate: $25/hr
Teaching Credits: Triangle Autoharp Circle monthly gathering: beginner instruction. Teaching private students for three years.
Bands or groups: Triangle Autoharp Circle
Notes: Lessons offered for chromatic and diatonic autoharp
Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering:
2009-2nd Place

Mary Umbarger Harmony, NC
Phone: 704-539-5424 E-mail:
Rate: 60 minutes - $25
Teaching Credits: Although I teach piano, I find that my most valuable teaching background for autoharp is my own participation in workshops enabling me to know first hand what works and what doesn't in given cases. I have conducted many workshops and love the interaction that take place. Have performed and taught at Brookridge Dulcimer Festival, Brookstone Dulcimer Festival, MLAG, North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Festival (NGFDA)
Bands or groups: Celtic Echoes, Harmony Hill String Band, Erin Tide
Notes: Love the autoharp, love the music and love people!


Bill Schilling Salem, OH
Phone: 330-332-4420 E-mail:
Rate: $10/half hour
Teaching Credits: Three years teaching private lessons on a variety of instruments in Northeastern Ohio. Autoharp workshops (and many others) at Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, Central Ohio Folk Festival, Defeated Creek Dulcimer & Old-Time Music Fest, Dulci-More Festival, Emerald City Folk Festival, Fort New Salem Dulcimer Weekend, Kent State Folk Festival, Spring Fever Folk Festival, and other workshops at other festivals. Artist in Residence Programs for camps, schools, churches, etc.
Bands or groups: Bill Schilling with Carol Ellis; Bill Schilling & Folks; Dulci-More: Folk & Traditional Musicians; Canton Folksong Society; solo as Bill Schilling or Schilling's Slides, Songs, & Stories; in the recent past with Whistler's Lane and Threes Co.
Notes: More information about most of these activities can be accessed from my home page at

Nancy Trokan Cincinnati, OH
Phone: 513-922-0922 E-mail:
Rate: $20/hour
Teaching Credits: Began playing autoharp in 1985. Have attended many workshops and classes. Background in piano. Started giving workshops in 2004 in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I also teach lap dulcimer for Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Club.
Bands or groups: Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Club, "Polkin Fun", 4-member group performs traditional and world music for festivals, healthcare facilities and family parties in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.
Notes: Send me an email if you are interested in being invited to attend my autoharp workshops.


Fuey Herring (Grandma Fuey) Portland, OR
Phone: 503.246.2836 E-mail:
Rate: variable
Teaching Credits: I am a retired vocational teacher, who has taught adults and high school students, always focusing on individual instruction. In Arizona, California and Oregon, I have successfully presented autoharp workshops at festivals, gatherings and privately.
Bands or groups: Over the years, I have performed with several groups in Arizona, including "Fuey and Her Friends" in Yuma, "Up the Creek" in Nutrioso, and the infamous Mexican Beaded Lizard Band in Phoenix. I moved to Oregon in late 2006, and have not joined a group at this time.
Notes: In my 20+ years of playing autoharp, I have helped many people to get started on the instrument. I play and/or sing mostly traditional tunes: folk, old-time, gospel and bluegrass. I enjoy passing on the power that this instrument has to brighten one's life. My private students are invited to take part in a workshop which I give every couple of weeks.

Adam Miller Drain, OR
Phone: 650-804-2049 E-mail:
Rate: $40/hour
Teaching Credits: Adam has presented autoharp workshops and classes at Claremont Folk Festival, San Francisco Free Folk Festival, Berkeley Free Folk Festival, Brookdale Bluegrass Festival, Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering, Mount Laurel Autoharp Gathering, the CTMS Summer Solstice Festival, and the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival.
Bands or groups: An award-winning folksinger and autoharpist, Adam performs over 250 solo concerts per year, from the Everglades to the Arctic Circle. He has recorded four CDs and is one of the few autoharpists who plays with fingernails instead of fingerpicks.
Notes: For more information visit:


Cindy Harris Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-967-0474 E-mail:
Rate: $30/hr for private lessons, group rates vary
Teaching Credits: Workshops at Dulci-More, Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering, Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering various years. Instructor for autoharp intensive at the Buckeye Dulcimer Gathering 2012 and Sore Fingers Weekend 2008. Many private students over the years.

Notes: MLAG Autoharp Championship: Finalist: 2009, 2015, 2016 3rd place: 2011, 2nd place: 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017
Winfield International Autoharp Championship: 2nd place: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. 1st place: 2017

I'm up for a jam on anything from old-time fiddle tunes and Celtic to Israeli and modern folk almost anytime. I also host house concerts that occasionally feature my talented autoharping friends. Drop me an email for more information if you're in the Pittsburgh area.

Linda Huber Hanover, PA
Phone: 717-637-6857 E-mail: LHUBER3@HOTMAIL.COM
Rate: Half hour $10 - classes available
Teaching Credits: BS in Music Ed - experience leading workshops, private lessons and classes Groups
Notes:I have taught all ages from kindergarten to senior citizens. I have a busy performance schedule of at least 50 gigs per year. I am proficient on diatonic as well as chromatic instruments. I am also able to do restringing and refelting.

Marti Rogers Abington, PA
Phone: 215-886-3482 E-mail:
Rate: $40 per hour
Teaching Credits: Has been teaching private lessons "on and off" since 1967. Workshops at the Pinelands Folk Center and other locations. 2008 Artist in Residence at Bridal Path Elementary school.
Other: See my web page at www.MuseMe.NET
Bands or groups: Ol' Rusty Pickup

Ivan Stiles Phoenixville, PA
Phone: 610-935-9062 E-mail:
Rate: $30 per hour
Teaching Credits: Lots

Neal Walters Greencastle, PA
Phone: (717) 593-0962 E-mail:
Rate: $20 for 45 minutes to an hour
Teaching Credits: Kentucky Music Week, Cranberry Gathering, Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering, Augusta, Boone, Great Black Swamp, Stringalong, Autumn Hills, Washington (DC) Folk Festival (dulcimer); group lessons in dulcimer and guitar since 1985, private lessons in dulcimer, guitar, banjo, autoharp and fiddle from my home since 1985.
Bands or groups: Mill Run Dulcimer Band and Doofus (with my wife, Coleen, and John and Heidi Cerrigione). Visit the Doofus Web site, too!

South Carolina

Bob Lewis Six Mile, SC 29682
Phone: (864) 868-0698 E-mail:
Rate: $200 in advance for 4 lessons
Teaching Credits: Regular workshop leader at Mountain Laurel, many consultations with Int/Adv players. Workshop leader at Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering, Winfield Otterharp Heaven. California - workshops at Claremont Folk Festival and Songmakers Winter Camp.
Notes: One free lesson to any beginner, whether chromatic or diatonic instrument. 4 week course is diatonic/melodic only. One intro to diatonic/melodic is free to any level player. Available for workshops.

Jeff Dantzler Harleyville, SC
Phone: 843-462-7737 E-mail:
Rate: $12.50 per half hour
Teaching Credits: Playing music since 1997.
Groups: Actively perform in church, at local jams and with friends.
Notes: I will be set up to give first lessons in mid may 2006. I will focus on beginning - intermediate chromatic autoharp. Also teach harmonica and piano.


Thelma Ledford Millington, TN
Phone: 901-872-3538 E-mail:
Rate: $25 / hour lesson. Tuning/Other Services Extra
Teaching Credits: Loved the Autoharp! Learned it! Would love to Teach! I'm a Bible Teacher, I know I can teach autoharp! Had Classes w/the best teachers at Mtn.View,AR; Write some of my own songs.
Bands or groups: Started learning in 1995! Placed 2nd l996; 1st l998, Mid-South Fair Senior Talent Contest, Memphis, TN Weddings, Dinner Parties, Churches...anywhere I can!
Notes: Just SOMEONE may need a teacher in the Memphis area! Me!


Lindsay Haisley Leander, TX (near Austin)
Phone: 512-259-1190 E-mail:
Rate: $25 / hour lesson
Teaching Credits: Workshops conducted at the Ozark Folk Center, Stringalong Weekend, Walnut Valley Folk Festival, Mt. Laurel Autoharp Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival and many others to numerous to list. Lindsay Haisley's workshops have been critically acclaimed in a number of music publications including the "Autoharp Quarterly". Private or group lessons available by arrangement.
Bands or groups: A professional solo performer for many years, Lindsay Haisley has 4 albums to his credit featuring his work on the autoharp. He has performed or recorded with a number of major names in contemporary music including Peter Yarrow, Steven Fromholtz, David Amram, The Austin Lounge Lizards, to name a few. He is well known for his innovation and exploration of new musical territory on the chromatic autoharp and all his recorded works have received numerous enthusiastic reviews.
Notes: Lindsay Haisley is the online host of the Cyberpluckers autoharp mailing list as well as the host for the Cyberpluckers' Autoharp Page on the World Wide Web.

Ann Norris Quitman, TX
Phone: 903-850-8820 E-mail:
Rate: $15 / hour lesson
Teaching Credits: I have taught autoharp at music festivals in these places: Palestine, Tx. Port Allen, LA. Bennington, OK Tyler, TX
Gainsville, TX Perrin, TX Buena Vista , CO. and Winfield, KS
Bands or groups: Jeff (my husband) and I regularly perform in all sorts of music venues. We have performed at festivals, churches, parties, and business meetings.
Notes: In 2002 I won 1st place in the State (TX) Autoharp competition and also 1st place at the International Autoharp Competition in Winfield, KS. I was also awarded 1st place in musicianship and 1st place in vocal performance at two Autoharp Jamboree competitions in Mt. View, Ark.

Nathan Sarvis Denton, TX 76208
Phone: 940-482-6403 E-mail:
Rate: Negotiable - Barter accepted
Teaching Credits: Winter Festival of Acoustic Music (Irving, Texas), annually since 1991; University of North Texas "Minicourse"
Bands or groups: Homemade Jam
Notes: Autoharp arrangements published in "The Autoharpoholic" and "Autoharp Clearinghouse"

Gretchen Terry Tuleta, TX
Phone: 361-375-2655 E-mail:
Rate: $15 - 45 min.
Teaching Credits: Teach basics and advanced. Tuning, maintenance, rythmn and melody, performance, and the love for music ministry. Teach 11yr olds, seniors, and all others in-between.
Bands or groups: SonShine Girls, SonShine Kids, solo performer

Charles Whitmer Houston, TX
Phone: 713-782-4082 E-mail:
Rate: Group Workshops Only
Teaching Credits: Bachelor of Music, Master of Music Education. Autoharp Teacher @ Ozark Folk Center Since 1989. Autoharp instructor at Augusta Heritage Center, various festivals
Bands or groups: Whitmer & Langston
Notes: Taught autoharp for 12 years at Augusta Heritage Workshops, West Virginia; Freelance autoharp workshop teacher since 1985. Has extensive autoharp music arrangements available in standard notation with detailed autoharp tablature in booklet form.


Stefanie Eskander Lehi, UT
Phone: 805-298-6342 E-mail:
Rate: $25 per half hr.
Teaching Credits: I've been playing autoharp for over 40 years, developing my own unique style. I have taught workshops at several folk festivals, and have taught private students for many years. My philosophy is to teach ear-training principles and basic chord progressions so the students can create their own music and develop their own personal style. The emphasis is on playing accompaniment for singing.
Bands or groups: I played with an all-woman bluegrass band, the Boney Mountain Mamas, in California for 12 years, playing autoharp, guitar, banjo, and hammered dulcimer.
Notes: Anyone can play the autoharp, and everyone should!


John Hollandsworth Christiansburg, VA
Phone: 540-382-6550 E-mail:
Rate: Variable; available for group workshops
Teaching Credits: Workshops at Augusta Heritage Workshops (WV), Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering (PA), Cranberry Dulcimer Gathering (NY), Summer Solstice Festival (CA), Wisconsin Stringalong Weekend, Summerfest in Carthage, Missouri, Ozark Folk Center Autoharp Jamboree (AR), Fiddler's Grove (NC), and others.
Bands or groups: Perform with wife Kathie as a duo, and in Mountain Fling 4-piece band. Have produced 3 recordings.
Notes: Among other awards, was the first Mountain Laurel Autoharp Champion in 1991; autoharp champion and overall best performer at Galax (VA) Old Fiddler's Convention 3 times. Also repair/refurbish/build autoharps.

Judie C. Pagter Stanardsville, Virginia [Greene County]
Phone: 434-985-3551 E-mail:
Rate: $30.00 for half-hour
Teaching Credits: Taught at Pickers Supply in Fredericksburg, Va. Also at workshops at Bluegrass Festivals all over the USA
Bands or groups: "Country Ham"

Bobbi Roberts Galax, VA
Phone: 276 236-3783 E-mail:
Rate: Given upon request
Teaching Credits: I am not an "official certified teacher." But I am good at showing someone how to play the autoharp. I do teach how to play by ear.
Bands or groups: My husband and I have The Roberts Family Band. We play old time and gospel music. He plays the fiddle and I play banjo in the band. We are members of The Roanoke Fiddle & Banjo Club and play there on a regular basis.
Notes: I have been playing old time music for over 15 years. I started with the banjo and then got serious with the autoharp about three years ago. It is the love of my life and I will gladly share my knowledge to anyone who wants to learn to play.


Pamela Barton Stanwood , WA
Phone: 360-629-0590 E-mail:
Rate: $10.00/session, minimum 1/2 hour uninterrupted, continuing longer at no extra charge, subject to interruptions
Teaching Credits: Public school training and experience; several private autoharp students
Bands or groups: Irregular participation with WA Old Time Fiddlers' Association
Notes: Autoharp rental (rent-to-own) available while learning; supplies and learning materials available onsite at Heritage Music Center.

Cathy Britell Seattle , WA
Phone: 206-232-7352 E-mail:
Rate: Depends on frequency, location and length of lessons, and whether private or group. 
Teaching Credits: Successful workshops at numerous festivals, regular community center classes, and long-term happy individual students.
Bands or groups: The Chordwood String Band, various duo performance groups, studio work.
Notes: I will help you find an appropriate instrument to rent or purchase if you need one. I also sometimes have classes in the evenings, and will be happy to give you information on those. Visit my web site at: for more information.

Tim Dawdy Ridgefield, WA
Phone: 360 887-3568 E-mail:
Rate: Ongoing Group Lessons - $5 per session
Teaching Credits: The Wednesday night bluegrass class, is starting its 3rd season. This is a very autoharp friendly class! Come and join the nicest beginners bluegrass class and jam in town! The class is taught by Tim Dawdy and Darrel Johnson from the Pacific Crest Pioneer Band. All string instruments are welcome! Between fifteen and twenty students participate in the group lessons each week. Guitars, mandolins and banjos are the most common instruments, a dobro and a few fiddles and 3-5 autoharps are at every class. The cost is $5.00 per session. The session includes an one hour group lesson followed by an organized beginners jam. Come join us and make some new friends!
Bands or groups: Pacific Crest Pioneer Band
Notes: Tim Dawdy is a lead autoharp player, dobro player and vocalist that is involved the NW bluegrass and old time music scene. Before playing with the Pacific Crest Pioneers, Tim spent five years with the popular bluegrass band Karl and Milo. After Milo Macintosh's death, Champion flatpicker Darrel Johnson formed the Pacific Crest Pioneer Band with Tim and popular county western vocalist Kay Wate.


Herb Holeman Bellevue (Seattle) , WA
Phone: 425-885-2954 E-mail:
Rate: Negotiable
Teaching Credits:  I'm primarily  a techie who has done minor repairs, upgrades and restoration on a number of autoharps, new and old.   I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, and can give a beginning autoharp enthusiast an introduction to tuning and playing  the instrument. Groups->I play mostly by myself.  I like to play melodies on the autoharp, perhaps a talking blues, and don’t sing very much yet.  I love playing autoharp duets!


Jeanette Sheeran Cheney, WA
Phone: 509-294-3080 E-mail:
Rate: $25 hr.
Teaching Credits:  I've been strumming the autoharp for years, and then discovered diatonic playing thanks to Carol Outwater. I started teaching when we moved back to the Northwest, and of late have been immersed in Scottish fiddling music as well as learning some cool Welsh dance tunes. I can teach chromatic or diatonic. I play old-time fiddle music (learned in North Carolina), gospel, anything celtic, a little bluegrass, some rag tunes, Latin, and classical. I do some vocals, but mostly instrumental. I am a professional teacher and have been doing workshops for the local folklore society, as well as private lessons. I often perform with my husband and others for seniors.
Bands or groups: Spokane and North Idaho Scottish Fiddlers; Huckleberry Jam (Celtic, old-time, etc.).


West Virginia

Mary Ann Johnston Cumberland, WV
Phone: 304-387-0132 E-mail:
Rate: $35 for 6 weeks (one night per week)
Teaching Credits: Mary Ann has been teaching beginner AH for 6 years.
Bands or groups: Past member Dulcimer/Autoharp Players of the Upper Ohio Valley and the Appalachian Folk Music Club
Notes: Mary Ann is also the publisher of Autoharp Quarterly magazine.


Vicky Brittain Waukesha, WI
Phone: cell 262-751-4163; home 262-544-0863 E-mail:
Rate: Negotiable
Teaching Credits: Minor in music, taught piano for 25 years
Bands or groups: Dulcimer Folk, Dulcimers & Stuff, Island Dulcimers

Notes: Beginner to Intermediate


Mary Park Ripon, WI
Phone: 920-748-6104 E-mail:
Rate: See for details.
Teaching Credits: Public school educator. Teaching autoharp and mountain dulcimer since 1997.
Notes: Author of the "In the Beginning" column in the Autoharp Quarterly since 1999.